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Plant Design Management System (PDMS) The process and power industries seek to commission high-quality plant earlier and to bring it on line with minimum cost and minimum risk. Achieving this in the design domain requires highly functional and productive applications that can be executed effectively across globally distributed project teams.

PDMS allows teams of designers to work together, each with their own specialist 3D colour-shaded environment, but able to view all of the design going on around them. As the designers work, PDMS builds a sophisticated plant database from which all of the layout and detail drawings can be produced, together with accurate Material Take Off (MTO) information and all kinds of project reports such as Line List or Valve Schedules.

The PDMS approach enables a wide range of sophisticated design checks to be carried out across all aspects of the design to check and improve quality. Drawings and reports are generated directly from the model database to ensure consistency between design information and the project deliverables.

There are no limits to project size or complexity. PDMS is proven on projects ranging from the smallest refit to the largest green field projects, and is compatible with all the engineering issue, revision and change-control processes required across such projects. Reduced site rework higher quality design.

The ability to perform multiple design checks across the entire design eliminates errors, and enables 'right-first time' Engineering. Accurate materials information eliminates over-ordering and delays on site due to a lack of required materials or information.

The Equipment functions build 3D models for all kinds of plant items, From pumps and exchangers through to complex items such as reactor vessels and compressors, they are used in all kinds of layout studies, arrangement drawings and connectivity or clash checks.

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